The Productive Blogger 90 Day Program

If you're serious about creating the blogging career of your dreams and are ready to take the leap then my 90 Day Program is for you!

You Receive:

  • A complimentary 45 Minute starter session to get to know me, my systems and strategies and so I can learn about you and your blogging aspirations.
  • 12 60 Minute Touch Bases via phone or Skype. We'll chat every week to keep you on track, guide you through each step of the process and give you the support you need to be successful.
  • Unlimited email/chat access Monday-Friday for those in between tech questions, reassurance checks and the oh so exciting celebration of all the little (and big) successes you'll experience along the way! I'm there to support you through it all.
  • In depth blog and social evaluation. If you already have a blog that needs revamping and you want to relaunch I'll complete a thorough evaluation that includes a PDF with notated screen shots of your blog posts, social media accounts and overall navigation and design. This is a thorough assessment so you don't just get an email with a few notes. I dive deep into your content so I can not only give you feedback but also steps you can take to transform your blog. If you haven't launched your blog yet then you can choose to redeem this evaluation at a later date, even after our time together ends. 
  • TPB Tool Kit. A comprehensive tool kit filled with work sheets, planning templates, and resource guides that will help you build and grow your blog quickly and efficiently. This tool kit is not a compilation of freebies I threw together, this is an exclusive step by step collection of guides that was created to compliment the program. 
  • The Productive Blogger Coached Facebook Group. This is a private group exclusive to only my coaching clients. It is an amazing space where like-minded, ambitious bloggers can use each other as resources and sources of encouragement. This is an amazing place to network, get guest posting gigs and be a part of a community of people who have the same dream as you.  As I only take on a few clients at any given time this group is extremely intimate and truly is a community. You receive lifetime access. 


Week 1: Pre Launch

  •  We dive deep into your vision, your brand and your niche. We nail down the fundamentals and create strong goals with an action plan to complete in the next 90 days. 

Week 2: Pre Launch

  • This is all about the tricky tech stuff that no one loves doing. I help you get your website set up, create your email list and figure out which tools and resources make sense for you and your blog right now. This doesn't mean making huge investments because there are so many amazing free tools you can take advantage of when you first start out. 

Week 3: Pre Launch

  • Let's get social! We'll create your social media strategy, open your accounts and decide on what type of content you want to start putting out there. We'll also create an outline for your blog content and create your editorial calendar. 

Week 4: Pre Launch

  • It's time to add in the marketing layer to your blogging business plan. We'll go over some basic strategies we can implement right away to grow your social media audience and get you page views now. We'll create a schedule for your content and marketing strategies that works with your life and gives you the balance you need to stay sane (and happy!).

Week 5: Pre Launch

  • This is when we stop preparing and you start actually blogging. You'll create your content and get ready for launch week! We'll also start implementing the marketing strategy we came up with the week prior so we can get eyes on your blog right away. 

Week 6: Launch!

  • It's launch week!  You'll launch your blog and start engaging with your audience on a whole new level. This week is all about introducing yourself and your brand to the world. We'll focus on engagement and the most effective systems to have in place when you're producing content. 

Week 7: Post Launch

  • Now that you've launch it's time to get serious about marketing. I'll share my top list building strategies (and why you need an email list) so you can increase your page views, build your audience and position yourself as an influencer. 

Week 8: Post Launch

  • I'll teach you how to find brands that you actually like and that will work with you, even when you're just starting out. I'll share my go to email templates for reaching out to brands and other bloggers for collaborations. We'll find influencer platforms that will compliment your brand and your blog. 

Week 9: Post Launch

  • We'll focus on how to create and utilize opt-ins and lead magnets effectively so you can passively grow your audience without even trying. 

Week 10: Post Launch

  • This week is all about diversifying your income with affiliate programs, brand collaborations and more. We create a monetization plan for the next three months that's repeatable and easy to execute.

Week 11: Post Launch

  • We dive deeper into your content strategy, utilize google analytics to track your progress and I share my favorite free ways to use Pinterest to promote and monetize your blog. 

Week 12: Final Week

  • During our last week together we'll review your progress, set goals for the next three months and create an action plan to help you quit your day job and start living your dream as a full time blogger.

This program is very flexible and is tailored to your needs so no matter where you're at in your blogging journey I can help you make this your career in 90 days. 


The 90 Day Productive Blogger program can be paid in full at $4997 (save $400!) or can be paid in 3 monthly payments of $1797. 

*Additional payment plans available upon request