About TPB

You can create a wildly successful blog in 90 days. You just need a plan.

I get it. You're tired of the gimmicks, the promises and the headaches that come with trying to grow a successful blog. It's funny how all of those perfect Instagram pictures don't tell you that blogging is work. A lot of work.

You're constantly creating, marketing what you create, pinning and coming up with witty captions...all for your mom to be your one and only subscriber. Maybe when you started you didn't anticipate the overwhelming amount of factors that come into play when you start your own blog.

Who knew it was so time consuming? Who knew it would be so hard to get traffic? 

I sure didn't. When I first started my blog five years ago I thought that if I wrote really quality, relatable content then that would be it! Hit publish and you're done, right? Not quite. 

To create the blog of your dreams (the one that makes you lots of money and allows you to actually do what you love for a living) you need a plan. Hoping is for those who don't feel capable of creating their own success. And you, my friend, are far more capable than you think you are. 

You just need to find systems, strategies, and schedules that work for you. Not against you. That's where I come in. 

About Me:

Hi there, I'm Sheila! I'm a full time lifestyle blogger and blogging success coach based in San Francisco. I help aspiring bloggers become more productive and organized so they can produce quality content and grow their audience efficiently, consistently and with confidence.

About My Services:

I work closely with you to implement strategies that will allow you to start seeing the growth you've been hoping for. 

I'll hold you accountable and help you to shift your mindset from "this is my hobby" to "this is my business". Blogging is a lot of work and I'm here to support you, cheer you on and keep you on track. 

I'd love to meet you! Schedule a free consultation today!