My Services

You were not meant to live your life just wishing you could change it. 

You want to grow a blog that's seen, shared and actually makes you money. You love writing and creating useful content for your readers. You dream of kissing your 9-5 goodbye and starting the life you've always dreamed of. 

So what's getting in your way? Is it the mile long to do list? Is it the feeling of doubt when you think about blogging full time? Is it all of the tech stuff? 

I get it. I get it, because a few years ago I was you. Working all day, coming home exhausted and attempting to muster up enough energy to actually get something up on my blog. I remember the late nights, the frustration and feeling like I never had enough time to truly take my blog in the direction I wanted it to go. 

So what changed for me? I'm a big believer in living your life with intention. So when I realized that if I wanted this full time blogger dream to happen I needed to create a system. I sat down and got really specific about what exactly I wanted my career to look like. After I got specific, I made a plan and got accountable. I created and tested different systems and strategies that I could make work with my hectic schedule and I committed to taking this next step in my life really seriously. I bought courses, joined accountability groups and invested the time and money necessary to see some actual results.

I know that you can see yourself spending your days writing amazing content, engaging with your own community filled with people just like you and creating your own schedule so you can travel, spend more time with your family and finally feel in control of your life. I also know that while this vision is crystal clear for you, the path to get there may not be. Don't worry, I've got you.

I created The Productive Blogger to serve you in a way that fits in with your life, gives you the clarity you need to map out your road to success and pushes you to stay on track no matter what life throws in your way. One of the most frustrating parts of growing a successful blog is feeling the guilt of "not working hard enough" or "not putting in enough time". Those two thoughts are tricky because it's pretty difficult to run a blog while working a full time job, being a mom or both. I designed these programs to help maximize your productivity in a way that works with your life. I want you to feel good about the work you're putting in and happy with your work life balance. Happy bloggers = amazing blogs. 

I offer 1:1 strategy calls and my Ready to Launch Productive Blogger E-Course that will support your indidivual blogging needs. We work together to align on your goals, analyze your results, and create an actionable game plan that is realistic and measurable. This isn't about you fitting my strategies into your busy schedule, this is about us working as a team to implement strategies that will work with your schedule so you can start seeing the growth you've been hoping for no matter what else is on your plate. All of my services are customized and tailored to your needs. 

That being said, my services are also meant to give you ownership and accountability. I can't build and grow your blog for you. What I can do is set you up with a solid plan of action, give you guidance and support as you execute it and celebrate your inevitable success with you as you reach every goal along the way.

"I work 40+ hours a week and you want me to take on ANOTHER commitment?" 

"Why pay for something I could probably just do myself?"

"I'll have to wait until I'm in a good place to quit my job before I take this more seriously"

I hear you girl. For five years I spent way more than 40 hours (retail management is no joke) at my day job and trying to figure this whole blogging thing out. Having to go at it alone was extremely difficult and frustrating. I kept seeing all of these awesome free resources online or I would sign up for a million newsletters in hopes of finally unlocking the secret to blogging success. Ultimately, however, I just felt overwhelmed and unsure of what to do with all of this information. 

It wasn't until I decided that my success couldn't wait any longer did I start actually seeing my blog grow. My dreams had to be a priority. So I made the investment in my blog, my future and most importantly in my own happiness by signing up for courses, joining mastermind groups and getting help from people who were actually doing what I wanted to do. That's when I started to see the positive changes in my blog's growth. By getting this type of professional and specialized support I actually saved time and money by not having to figure it all out on my own. 

How do you know if my services are right for you?

I'm a good fit for you if:

  • You're committed to making blogging your full time gig.
  • You respond well to structure, constructive feedback and specific plans of action.
  • You want to learn more about creating awesome content, building a loyal audience through email and social media, and content marketing. 
  • You want to be held accountable to your results.

What will life look like after you complete one of my programs?

Other than feeling filled with purpose, in control of your future and outrageously excited? Some tangible results you can expect are:

  • An up and running website that you love to look at.
  • A solid editorial calendar that is repeatable and easy to maintain.
  • Reusable email templates you can use to reach out to brands to build relationships and open the door to collaborations.
  • A monetization strategy and timeline.
  • An effective schedule that allows you the create compelling content, execute marketing strategies and stay productive no matter what else is on your plate.

Hi there, I'm Sheila!

I'm a full time blogger and blogging success coach. I blog about fashion, lifestyle and blogging tips and strategies. I know that my system works because it's the exact same system I used to turn my side hustle into my full time career. While growing my blog I spent 5 years as a retail manager specializing in talent development so I've been coaching women on performance improvement, sales tactics and career progression for several years. While I knew blogging was what I was meant to be doing, I also knew that I loved helping other women grow their careers. So coaching aspiring bloggers just felt like the perfect fit. 

I know taking a big leap can be super scary and overwhelming. I also know just remaining stagnant and continuing to live a life you're not excited about is a much harder pill to swallow. The only thing worse that going for it and failing is not going for it at all. Besides, failure doesn't mean it's over. It just means things didn't work out the way you originally thought they would and it's time for a new plan. 

The Productive Blogger Services

Goal Crushing 60 Minute Strategy Session-$147 or 3 sessions for $297

Do you already have a blog but need help getting it to the next level? Are you just starting out and have no clue where to begin? Unsure about how to market your content effectively, grow your social media audience, or get people to join your mailing list? If you want specialized support quickly to make the adjustments your blog needs then a 60 minute 1:1 session might be perfect for you. All sessions come with:

  • A Strategy Intensive Workbook you submit to me before our call so our time together is tailored to exactly what you're looking to get out of it.
  • One week of email support to follow up on goals.

Ready to Launch Productive Blogger E-Course-$397 (payment plans available upon request)

The Ready to Launch Productive Blogger E-Course was designed with the new blogger (or the one who is looking to rebrand & relaunch) in mind. This 5 week course will walk you through the beginning stages of building your blog, discovering your niche, creating your marketing strategy and setting up your monetization streams. You can take this course at your own pace and have lifetime access so it can fit into any schedule with ease!




My 1:1 Coaching Programs are reserved for women who are serious about taking their blog to the next level.

If you're interested in learning more and enrolling when there are openings click below to learn more!